Fashion 21 All-Day Matte Lipstick

Fashion 21 All-Day Matte Lipstick, Bronze (₱175.00)
I was a firm believer that I don't suit matte product, especially those overly hyped lip products. More often than not, my lips becomes dry, chapped and even a bit wounded, and I need not to be an knowledgeable of makeup products to know that matte lip products would just emphasize those conditions. But despite that, I still found myself purchasing one of the most talked about matte lipsticks found in the makeup counters in the country... with an excuse that I need a less pink/red shade on my stash.
I've heard of this from YouTube, and had been aware of its existence for quite some time now. But since it was until a couple months ago that I had the urge to purchase a lipstick with a more neutral color, I only got to consider it then.
Honestly, while I was on the counter, I have already forgotten what shade I should be looking out for. Luckily, I spotted this shade and even without swatching (I live life like that way), I got myself this nice brown-ish shade called Bronze. And honestly, when I finally put it on after we've gone home, I was impressed.

Not only did it stay longer than expected on my lips, but it also covered my pigmented lips quite well even without the use of a lip liner/concealer. It does, however, have the tendency to feel heavy on the lips, especially when layered. And like most matte lipsticks, this does dry out my lips at the end of the day and would emphasize any dry/flaky part upon application.

Still, I am satisfied, and would highly consider getting another shade from this line once I've caught up with the new lipstick releases from other local brands.