Dominican Hill and Retreat House

Our non-existent itinerary included nothing but familiar places. But that's what you get when you're traveling with no definite plans. Anyway, and surprisingly, we ended up driving up from the Grotto to reach the infamous Diplomat Hotel.
Despite all the scary tales told about the place, it has long been part of my long, long list of places that I want to visit at least once in my lifetime. It's an old structure, do I even have to further explain myself?

I did not expect to see the Pope's cut-out here.
Because I don't have the time to read through all those words on the spot.
I was planning to make my entries informative, but that's too much work for me.
There was some sort of garden area on the side, but we did not went there. We really just walked around the first floor of the building, trying to get as much photos as we could while dodging the presence of the group of girls who came before us.
Too bad it was locked.
Getting this shot needed speed. The group of girls were taking photos of themselves here, and I can't even blame them as it provides a really nice backdrop for photos. Too bad most of my photos did not turn out profile photo-worthy.
Deciding how much I want to enhance the photo was a struggle. If I want to highlight every crack and faded colors, the photos would look too unnatural. Hopefully, you find at least a photo that's pleasing to your eyes.
Mother Goose and Father Goose had their photos taken here.
Christmas decors?
Just before leaving, a group joined us inside.
I had a couple photos taken while I stood in the middle of that arch, with one appearing heavily exposed. It's weird especially with how my unfocused photos often appeared darker and not lighter than usual. I also felt quite sick, which was also odd as I'm certain that the sunlight did not strain my eyes enough for me to have a headache. Mom said that whoever lives inside must have pulled a prank on me or something.
While we were inside, Granpa Goose took interest on this. I was already feeling too sick to comprehend things, that I already had this photo before I realized that it was a blown up version of the ten commandments tablet.
And it was even on Guinness!
And that's it! Why do I always end a post with that? Anyway, I hope to visit the place again. Maybe in the afternoon or just before the sun sets? Maybe at night? That would be interesting!