Bulalo + Cactus

Though we've already gone the previous day, we still dropped by Mines View Park for some quick plant shopping. I don't know why but my mom went on with my silly idea of keeping a cactus. And I was only half serious with it. But since it's already an acceptable time for a meal, we've decided to grab some before the search for the cactus that I've already named Cati.
We got lucky to spot a table that fits the four of us when we arrived. The place was already packed with people, and that got me a tiny bit anxious. Anyway... Someone came up to us to get our order, and out of the dishes ordered... I was most excited about their bulalo as it's the only soup item that they have and it had meat that would not have the hint of taste of ampalaya or any other vegetable.
The waiting time was awful. I almost had a mental breakdown when Granpa Goose babbled about the bulalo not to be served as it takes too long. Again, I'm no veggie eater and that dish was the only thing that could save my empty stomach. To top it off, they do not have free water. I hate when eating places do not have that. Out of all the things... why do I have to pay for a glass of water that I could even get for free in a fast food restaurant?

Anyway, the bulalo arrived... late. So late that I was just starting eating and Granpa Goose was already walking around the area 'cause he was already done with his food. Also, the size of the serving was disappointing. Luckily, I only had to share it with Father Goose.
I can never be a food blogger. Like... I feel awkward having to stop people (other than my parents) from diving in to the food on the table just so I could have my fancy photos. But here you go, the aftermath.
After paying our bill, we went straight to Mines View Park for our quick errand. That is to get me my cactus. I did had one before but my mom sprinkled it everyday with water that it eventually died... even before I took interest in it.

And while on this trip, I suddenly thought of keeping another one.
I already took a photo with a St. Bernard before so I resisted the urge to have another one.
I was supposed to ride either of those two the other day.
We ended up having three cacti as it goes for the three for ₱100 deal. We also got some clay pots to put them it. Too bad I can't remember how much those pots costed us, but I believe that it wasn't much. And again, buying a couple of items do help in getting yourself a better deal.
After that, we went around a couple stalls looking for some Ilocos blankets, which had been my favorite since I got my first ones. They're good to use during the dry season, especially if you're like me who likes to be wrapped on a blanket like a turon under any circumstance when sleeping. It also works just as fine during the wet season and even the -ber months, in keeping me all warm and cozy.

Aside from those, I've also gotten myself a Baguio-printed shirt as I've ruined my old one when I tried to lend a hand when my parents repainted the living room.
And because this post was quite short, I shall do a quick answer on the question on how much I edited the photos on this series of posts.

Well... I do as much, more often than not. It depends on how dark or light the pictures came up. If the photo's too pale or light even with the soft light overlay, I'd have a layer in multiply with 30-60% opacity. If it's a little too dark, then I'd have a layer in screen with 30-60% opacity... if not two of those with varying opacity. I do not play with levels, curves, etc. as it's way too much work, and getting the hang of it might not really happen.

As for cropping and rotating, I try to do both with the crop tool as it's easier than doing them separately.