Baguio Botanical Garden

After buying a couple things on Mines View Park, we ended up visiting the Baguio Botanical Garden. Again, it's one of those places that you somehow must visit whenever you're in the city.
Upon entering, I was quickly overwhelmed. Not by the group of people, but with how the place changed that it felt like it was my first time visiting the place. Also, it sucked how there were barely any plant to pose with when we came.
I was still able to take photos like this, though.
Taking photo ops on these spots can be hard, especially if you're visiting at the time other tourists decided to visit the place as well. So if there's a chance, you have to be quick with your photo ops, for the convenience of your party and the other as well.
When we arrived...
A minute or so after.
I procrastinated with this set of photos. Not because I did not like the pictures, but because editing them was a pain in the butt compared to the other sets. It's either I go for soft light, multiply or both; and heaven forbid that I have to sneak a layer of screen as well. It also did not help that whatever I do, it looked really ugly on Photoshop.
I think there should've been a stream of water on that space.
 What's that on the flower?
I like how those things popped in the photo together with the flowers(?).

There were a lot of friendship thing on this place, which was fun especially if you're the kind who loves to have your photos taken. As for me, I did have a photo here and there, but really would rather take photos of the scenery and of other people.
 I really like this photo.
Aww, kitty!

So this spot... I remember it being quite different from how it is now. And I enjoyed the view more before. Especially that back in 2013, there were no people sleeping on the grounds. Not that I'm condemning them or whatever, it just doesn't look right on a place like this.
I ended up posting a photo of this on Instagram because I really did not find anything that screamed of the place where I was at. Well, the editing process proved me otherwise, but at the time... I just can't see anything that I want to post up. And so, I ended up snapping a couple photos of this view with my phone.
I like this. What's it called?